Alles, was man sehen oder erfassen kann, ist ein Nomen und wird groß geschrieben

Edited by Kunstraum Walcheturm, supported by the Dr. Georg und Josi Guggenheim Foundation.
With an essay (german / english) by Bice Curiger.
Design: Benjamin Roffler
72 pages, mit 57 pictures
Paperback, 20,4 × 25,5 cm
June 2010
ISBN 978-3-907474-80-8
CHF 32.– / € 26.–

‘Everything that we can see or touch is a noun and is written with a capital letter’ is the full title. In Esther Kempf ’s world, drops of milk become cars, plastic triangles roads, plugs and ripped wallpaper imaginary tables, and light turns itself into solid objects. Perception is her central theme; her complex and multifaceted works and installations deal with trompe l’oeil and illusion, changes in direction, light and shadow. It is not the objects themselves that are the artist’s prime source of interest, but much more the correlation between them and their relation to space. “This is someone expressing herself here who takes the simplest everyday objects as a starting point, combined with a keen eye. … Such observations can of course only be made by someone like Esther Kempf who has a poetic-affectionate-ironic way of looking at the grey areas of everyday life. In this way she creates new mini monuments, arte povera memorials to the surreal realities all around us that we never notice and which are yet to be discovered.” (Bice Curiger)