Edited by Stephan Kunz, Flurina and Gianni Paravicini-Tönz.
With essays (German/Italian) by Heiner Kielholz, Stephan Kunz and Johannes Gachnang.
Design: Anne Hoffmann
bound, linen with book-jacket.
20 × 22,5 cm.
184 pages, thereof 120 coloured 
ISBN 978-3-9522474-5-7
CHF 58.– / EUR 47.–

Countless journeys have marked the cours of Heiner Kielholz’s life over the past 30 years. During these journeys and while staying in certain places for shorter or longer periods of time, he has created a variety of works: metropolitan images, landscapes, still lifes, compositions of figures, and always works in which he tries to capture the initial appeal of a specific place. On one hand, this invaluable collection reveals the richness of regional cultures which the artist encounters time and again on his journy, sensing and knowing that their diversity is doomed, to yield to a standardised order. On the other, it has become an extremely characteristic picture of the artist himself, who bears critical witness to our times beyond the activism of art operations in the Western world.