With an essay (german / lettish) by Alise Tifentale.
Design: Stephan Fiedler,
Hardcover, 16,8 × 22,5 cm,
56 pages with 31 coloured pictures.
February 2009
ISBN 978-3-907474-62-4
CHF 27.- / € 22.-

We are plunged into a forest of luxuriant vegetation that proves to be the underwater landscape of an aquarium, all neatly and tidily arranged – at first sight. Gradually we are inescapably drawn into indefinable moods and weird premonitions. Painting in oils in the fashion of the old Masters, Ilze Orinska brings to a standstill what she has actually observed in nature. A closer view reveals that she is representing moments of transition, of inconspicuous and yet dramatic processes. In her work, the Latvian artist is like a puppeteer, manipulating the preying and devouring but utterly innocent inhabitants of nature and touching on the great stories of humankind. «naturalia» is an almost modest but for that all the more impressive book debut of an artist who explores new paths in classical painting.