Odradek oder Die Laufmasche im System

Essays by Beat Wyss, Chris Bünter, Renata Burckhardt, Ruth Schweikert and Stefan Zweifel. With an introduction by Dorothea Strauss
German, English
Translation: Simon Froehling
Design: Trix Wetter
With 134 illustrations
Hardcover, 18,3 × 24,6 cm, 168 pages
CHF 48.– / € 39.–
ISBN 978-3-907474-99-0

The interdisciplinary art project ODRADEK oder die Laufmasche im System (ODRADEK or the Run in the System) that Lisa Schiess launched in 1990 has come to an interim conclusion in this publication. Conceptually, the work refers to Hegel’s Art History and the Critique of Modernity, in which the author Beat Wyss cites Franz Kafka‘s parable “The Cares of a Family Man”, comparing the artist and his work to Odradek, the unfathomable, as a “run in the system”.

The project involves an object that visualizes the metaphor: a work knitted out of 100 metres of sailing rope, with a see-through run included. This knitted piece has been stowed away in the artist’s house for over 20 years and has periodically been taken out and staged in a variety of places, resulting in a body of some 500 photographs. The book presents a chrono-logy of selected snapshots with accompanying anec-dotes. Essays by six authors explore the work and weave a fabric of illuminating thoughts about the project.