Atelier – Texte zur Kunst

Paperback, 13 × 20,5 cm, 180 pages
Oktober 2006
ISBN 978-3-907474-19-8
CHF 33.– / EUR 27.–

This title draws together texts that chiefly consider Art in its own right – its very essence, as it were – but beyond that, they also examine how artistic creativity can be reflected in language. The author let himself be guided by the dicta of the Romantic poet and novelist Novalis, who wanted to poeticise science. The Romantics took poeticisation to mean more than the versification and compaction of language that we today consider the norm: they also acknowledged its potentiality, its interdisciplinarity.


Seen in that light, the texts brought together under the title “Atelier” should be viewed as an attempt to give a linguistic mode of expression to artistic thinking and acting. The essay-like texts, which are of necessity conceived in fragments, were created between 1995 and 2005. Thematically, they touch on areas of art history, art theory and aesthetics as well as philosophy. In sum, this is an attempt to formulate a theory of visuality. The visual emerges here as a semantic surface – a form of tectonics composed of materials, their application and significance.