The Tower Bridge e altri racconti fotografici

THE TOWER BRIDGE E ALTRI RACCONTI FOTOGRAFICI in cooperation with the Museo Cantonale d’Arte Lugano.
with an essay (italian) and a supplematary sheet with translations (german / french / english).
80 pages with many illustrations.
bounded, linen, 15,5 × 21,7 cm.
September 2009
ISBN 978-3-907474-65-5
CHF 36.– / € 29.–

The second book by Matteo Terzaghi and Marco Zürcher is published to accompany their exhibition at the Cantonale d’Arte in Lugano: «Non c’é memoria senza fantasma» – «There is no memory without phantoms.» Once again Terzaghi and Zürcher engage in play with found material from old sources – pictures whose origins and rationale have fallen by the wayside over the years. The artists endow them with a new history through association and aesthetic providence. With no explanations and occasional, narrative words, they transform fictional memories into real events. It is our perception and our thinking that lend their picture stories the status of actuality. Like «Che ci faccio qui?», this book is an extremely entertaining, literary and visual object lesson on the raw materials of our sensations and the human need for stories about ourselves and others. The work of these two artists becomes enmeshed with our own «phantoms».