Che ci faccio qui

With an essay (italian) and a supplemantary sheet with translations (german / french / english).
40 pages with 20 b/w pictures.
boundet, linen 15,5 × 21,5 cm.
May 2009
ISBN 978-3-907474-64-8
CHF 29.- / € 24.-

The artist duo, Marco Zürcher and Matteo Terzaghi, from the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, embark on an expedition into uncharted regions of perception. The photographs they show have become blurred; they are historical testimony of an era prior to explanation overkill; we see people as travellers into the unknown, as archetypes of insignificance in the grandeur of nature and ancient history. Viewers read the stories straight from the pictures; their sensations along with the picture and its interpretation are the three elements essential to the experience of this art. Not until the end of the book do Terzaghi and Zürcher confirm the objective of the exhibition in a few brief words.