Alphabet des Bildes

Edited by Stephan Kunz, Aargauer Kunsthaus Aarau.
«Binding Séléction dArtistes» Series of the Sophie and Karl Binding-Foundation.
With essays of the author an 30 others.
Many coloured pages and an insert on transparent paper.
Design: Matthias Beck
Hardcover, 19,5 × 25,5 cm.
184 Seiten + 16 Blatt Transparentpapier.
ISBN 978-3-907474-49-5
CHF 48.– / EUR 39.–

Rolf Winnewisser’s prolific oeuvre is presented in the form of an encyclopedia, echoing the rhizomelike structure of his work. Some 30 contributors discuss specific aspects of his life and work; the result is an overall view of the artist’s visual world with countless cross-references. The book, «Alphabet des Bildes», immerses readers in a profound and discerning semantic and semiotic universe. Early studies in the semantics of visual imagery, films, fragile objects, watercolor as a medium that runs like a red thread through his entire oeuvre, and painting with its expansive, almost baroque forms of expression – these all form a rich and varied whole, revealing the untold visual sources to which Winnewisser recurs and also the well-aimed integration of narrative elements.