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Talking about Art – 27 Encounters and Moments in Time

Edited by: Flurina & Gianni Paravicini
Photos: Gianni Paravicini
Essay: Niklaus Oberholzer
Design: Camillo Paravicini
Softcover, 16 × 21 cm, 288 pages
November 2013
ISBN 978-3-906016-27-6
CHF 34.– / EUR 28.–

Niklaus Oberholzer, long-time culture editor on the staff of daily newspapers, has written countless portraits of artists, described countless exhibitions and spoken professionally about art for many years. In this new publication he demonstrates not only how passionate he is about his profession but also how very well-versed he is in the sensibilities of his demanding métier. We join him as he “thinks out loud” – open and curious, hypothetical and speculative – revealing the very personal way in which approaches those he interviews and allows them complete latitude. His choice of interviewees is subjective, based on a thirst for knowledge and inquiry into unanswered questions. The selection represents a variety of artists, artistic movements and creative eras.

Oberholzer conducted these stimulating conversations not only with fine artists but also curators and directors of museums: Jo Achermann, Judith Albert, Anna Margrit Annen, Ian Anüll, Fabian Biasio, Irene Bisang, Gabriela Christen, Margaretha Dubach, Anton Egloff, Robert Estermann, Fanni Fetzer, Pia Fries, Stefan Gritsch, Matthias Haldemann, Christian Kathriner, Urs Lüthi, Patrick Rohner, Roland Roos, Christoph Rütimann, Claude Sandoz, Albrecht Schnider, Francisco Sierra, Miriam Sturzenegger, Beat Streuli, Nadine Wietlisbach, Beat Wismer and Stephan Wittmer (with Pat Treyer as well as Amayi, Maura, Mahtola and Attila Wittmer). Exploring the concrete and recurring concerns of individual practitioners as well as the overall social context of current artistic endeavour, Oberholzer has turned his intense interest in talking about art into a delightfully readable publication.