Das Druckwerk 1966-2014

October 2014
Edited by: Stiftung Kunsthaus Grenchen
33,3 × 21,5 cm, Softcover, ca. 100 p.
Essays: Rolf Winnewisser, Bernard Fassbind, Felix Thürlemann, Eva Inversini
Concept: Rolf Winnewisser, Eva Inversini, Christoph Rölli
Cover design: Rolf Winnewisser, Christoph Rölli
Layout and typography: Chantal Brülhart, c&h konzepte werbeagentur, Solothurn
Photos: Alexandra Roth, Fotostudio Müller, Aarau
Edition: 500
ISBN 978-3-906016-35-1
CHF 37.– / EUR 30.–

 Rolf Winnewisser (*1949) has created an oeuvre comprising drawings, paintings, object art, photography, film, writings, and, from the very beginning, prints. The study of our constructed, fragmentary and elusive perception is of crucial concern to the artist and takes shape both visually and in words. Image and text emerge alongside each other, running parallel and occasionally overlapping. Winnewisser’s ambiguous and multilayered works testify to his awareness of the plurality and the multifaceted meanings of that perceived of the abrupt emergence and unanticipated disappearance of images. This alertness is furthermore paired with precise observation and profound analytical and synthetic thinking.

Winnewisser is wellversed in the methods and means of making prints and skilfully exploits the medium’s potential. Juxtaposing, layering, exposing, reversing, and combining – the formal qualities and technical process of printmaking enable the artist to represent constantly changing inner and outer states. He has worked with linoleum and woodcuts, etching, lithography, xerography, and even smoke to produce countless prints, books, booklets, cards, scrolls, editions, and textiles. This book is published in conjunction with the artist’s exhibition at Kunsthaus Grenchen, the first-ever solo presentation of his extremely rich and varied body of
printed works.

Eva Inversini, Kunsthaus Grenchen