Body of Memory

Edited by: Edizioni Periferia
Softcover, 3.5 x 12,5 x 20,4 cm, 504 p.
Design: Stephan Fiedler
Essay: Stefan Gritsch
German, English, Dutch
ISBN 978-3-906016-58-0
CHF 48.– / EUR 45.–

«When, after dismantling an exhibition of my almost 30-year-old bodies of acrylic paint, I add new paint to them in the studio or cut them up to create new colour combinations, when I include soup bones collected over the past 20 years and newspaper clippings of maps showing conflict zones, then I see that as a gesture of repetition and transposition, as a nod to a place and as a reflection of the phenomenon of time. Taking an image apart, deconstructing it with a view to difference and relating it to everyday artifacts means revisiting it and allowing for a new modified view that includes the past. I don’t think focusing is important, nor is a detached and objective approach. That is just a way of discovering, describing and representing details. What is important to me is touch. I’m looking for closeness and blurring and blending; I want to be in between as a point of departure for producing something visual.»

Stefan Gritsch, August 2015