Das magische Quadrat

Edited by: Musikhochschule Luzern
Concept: Flurina Paravicini-Tönz
Essays: M. Böggemann, C. Emmenegger, E. Fess, A. Jacob, U.P. Jauch, A. Landau, Ch. Meyer, B. Pisek, M. Roth
Design: Max Christian Graeff
Bookbox, 33 × 23 × 70 cm with: 12 print items (books, notebooks),
1 newspaper, 1 portfolio, 1 CD, 1 pack of cards, 1 picture case
Edition of 950 
Oktober 2006

ISBN 978-3-907474-23-5
CHF 98.– / EUR 81.–

The «Magic Square», a multimedia book box containing a CD and 12 printed objects and toys, is a playful introduction to the life and work of Arnold Schönberg as well as illuminating a rarely noted aspect of the composer′s artistic career. The objects – facsimiles and reprints – bring his oeuvre to life, revealing the many different musical, artistic, literary and philosophical forms in which Schönberg expressed himself. The unique publication, a meaningful complement to the international spectrum of publications on Schönberg, appeals to music lovers and professionals alike.