Offene Fenster

Konzept: Jean Pfaff
Mit Texten (deutsch) von Jean Pfaff
Gestaltung: Robert & Durrer, Zürich
Mit fünf eingebundenen Original-Zinkographien.
Gebunden, Hardcover Leinen, 16,5 x 12,6 cm, 98 Seiten
Auflage: 99 Stück, nummeriert und signiert.
ISBN 978-3-907474-98-3
CHF 220.– / Euro 183.–
Oktober 2011

Jean Pfaff studied painting in Munich and Hamburg; Max Bill was one of his teachers. Early on, he branched out into threedimensional design, architecture and art for buildings. The role play and impact of colors as protagonists on the stage of our everyday lives are the subject matter of prolonged investigations, reflected not only in his paintings but also in numerous architectural color schemes. Pfaff ’s textual sketches are a missing link in these hermetic works. They transfer the study of painting to another medium, involving a great deal more than mere self debate. They are reduced travel impressions, poetic highlights and shadow plays, miniatures and fragments. Offene Fenster (Open Windows) combines a thoughtfully selected collection of 44 short texts, many of them only two lines long, with with an extremely sensitive visual work of art, a sequence of five zincographs, in which the blackandwhite motifs slowly disappear into the texture of the paper.