Ur-Tränenmeer. Vorzugsausgabe

Edited by Flurina and Gianni Paravicini-Tönz
Conzept: Gianni Paravicini, Stephan Fiedler
Design: Stephan Fiedler
Edition of 50. August 2010
The Box (26,5 × 35,5 × 4 cm) contains:

– Dieter Roth, Tränen in Luzern / Tears in Lucerne (Buch, 2010)
– Dieter Roth, Inserate 1971/1972 (Buch, 2009)
– Engler sieht Roth #3, audio collage, recorded and produced by Martin Engler (CD, 2010)
– 18 facsimiles from Erica Ebinger's archive
– with an original, historical issue of the Anzeiger Stadt Luzern  from 1971/72 containing one of Dieter Roth
's ads
– Exibition poster Kunsthalle Luzern 2010

Available only by direct order.
CHF 490.- / EUR 408.-

Dieter Roth’s small ads’ project in Lucerne, a striking and central work combining words and images, comprising five books in the Tränenmeer (Sea of Tears) series and the book object Der Tränensee (The Lake of Tears), has now been completed: background information on how the work came about, facsimiles of documents and manuscripts on the series of small ads and on a fascinating friendship, images of all ads with an English translation, an audio collage and even an historical original newspaper, the Anzeiger der Stadt Luzern (with the special edition), make this presentation box a rare, ‘must-have’ object for art historians and collectors.

In Dieter Roth’s work – as well as in his Tränenmeer work complex – we can see how such an impulsive and unique form of expression, incessant work and its uncompromising mediation combine to make an artistic ‘universal genius’.