Glue Your Brain Vorzugsausgabe B

Edited by Flurina & Gianni Paravicini-Tönz, Gianluca Collica
Design: Stephan Fiedler
Interview with Erwin Wurm Antonella Soldaini
German, English, Italian
Hardcover, 205 × 250 mm, 80 pages, with colour plates

Edition 20 with an original drawing by Erwin Wurm.
CHF 1800.– / EUR 1500.–

«This gentleman evidently has aspirations to become head of the board. Alternatively he may simply be following the instructions of Viennese artist Erwin Wurm to  ‹Glue your brain to the board›. The exercise is supposed to last for a whole minute and adjust the brain to  ‹Adorno›. … These art instructions were formulated in 2003 and are part of the group of ‹One-minute sculptures› with which Erwin Wurm has been amusing the art community for a number of years now. Variations include sticking cucumbers between your toes or balancing on tennis balls. Those museum visitors willing to take up the challenge find themselves confronted with an everyday object. For the space of one minute, they become a sculpture, with the head starting to think with the body. An artist’s book illustrating these many unusual positions has been published.» (Gerhard Mack in: NZZ am Sonntag, 16. 6. 2004)