Scent of Desire-Special Edition

Edited by Flurina & Gianni Paravicini
Conzept: Balthasar Burkhard, Flurina Paravicini
Design: Camillo Paravicini
Essays: Jean-Christophe Ammann
german, english 
2 Volumes, softcover, boxed, 21 × 26,6 cm, 64 and 80 pages
ISBN 978-3-907474-68-6

November 2009


«In the black-and-white photographs you can feel Balthasar Burkhard standing in front of his motif. His gaze through the camera weighs, structures and composes. […] A touch of melancholy is embodied in the colouring and scent of his heliogravures. One can almost hear the voices of the three sisters in Chekhov’s eponymous drama, first performed in 1901 . The pic-tures are imbued with a breath of transience, even of resignation. But at the same time, the scent of desire, of wanting to blossom is a strong instinct.» (Jean-Christophe Ammann) Two volumes show the artist’s late full-colour work and older black-and-white photographs that focus on the body and the landscape. Burkhard’s pictures of blossoms and plants are of such sensual intensity that we can almost smell their colours.